Are you ready to build the PMU business of your dreams... and be consistently, fully booked with new clients?
Join the Highstoke Society, the industry-proven program to help PMU artists develop their personal brand, book more clients, make more money and grow their business with the #1 community in the world.
Hi, we're Highstoke!
And we've been exactly where you are in your PMU journey.

We know that most PMU businesses fail in their first 1-2 years because of outdated marketing tactics (including hiring "marketers" who deliver subpar results).

We made it a mission to empower artists with the right tools so you can grow your business without the headache and running in circles trying things that don't work.

We're not another "marketing company" or influencer.

We’re a global team of PMU artists, marketing and business experts that show you how to book more clients and build your beauty business the right way.

We believe it's time to stop wasting time & money and start getting the results you deserve.


"I'm in a very saturated market and they have been able to bring in leads who actually turn into paying customers!"

-Natalie R., Natalie Rose Cosmetics

"One thing we enjoy is the traffic increase... being new to the business. Highstoke Media is my right hand!"

-Arianna, B-Lashed Beauty

"My goal is to finally hire artists under myself. In just a few months, I'll get to that point with Highstoke Media!”

-Yvonne K., Brows By YK

“They have COMPLETELY transformed my business… Business quadrupled and client base increased 400%!

-Mele F., Pretty Ink Loft

"Highstoke Media is the only marketing agency that is personalized and can deliver on the results they promise.”

-Wendy D., Inkpressions

"I struggled with new clients during the pandemic... It's been 10 days and I'm booked for 2 months!"

-Christy C., Definition Brows

Are you stuck in the PMU Artist Rat Race?
Tell us if this sounds familiar...
• Outdated marketing like Groupon, Yelp, Yellowpages, Flyers

• Relying on friends on family for referrals and word of mouth

• Simple Facebook / Instagram / Google Ads that don't work

• Hiring inexperienced marketing "pros" who don't get it

• Revenue and clientele being inconsistent every single month

• Expenses, overhead and rent outweighing all of your profits

• Wasting a ton of $$$ on bad advertising and empty promises

• Feeling stuck doing this alone and not having a real strategy
If things haven't been working out for you so far...

It's because you're stuck in the group of PMU artists who do what everyone else is doing... Throwing a bunch of things at the wall and hoping that one sticks.

But imagine having the success without the stress, using a fast and easy-to-use framework to fill up your calendar and grow your business! 

With The Highstoke Society you can stop wasting time and money, start seeing results and be part of the #1 PMU community in the world.

We show you the four pillars of PMU success - personal branding, marketing, sales and systems so you can build the beauty empire of your dreams.
Ready to start booking MORE clients today?

Ready To Level Up Your PMU Business?

Regardless at what level you are in your PMU artist journey, our team will be able to help you grow to the next level of your business. Over the years, we've helped over 1,000 beauty salons grow and scale with our proven growth strategies.

We can't wait to help you do the same!

Introducing Highstoke Society:

The industry-proven program that takes PMU artists to the next level by giving you all the resources you need to grow and scale your beauty business.

The Highstoke Society is a guided coaching and "done-for-you" program designed to help PMU artists grow their personal brand, book more clients, make more money and grow their business alongside the #1 community in the industry.

We give you the exact step-by-step solution that will provide the tools, expert support (from other PMU artists), elite community and confidence to take on the industry by storm.

Here are the program details
Inside The Highstoke Society, you'll gain access to the entire '4 Pillars of PMU Success' listed below, as well as weekly LIVE coaching with PMU Success Coaches, Industry Leaders & Business Growth Experts.
Personal Branding

Grow your social media, stand out from the competition and get new people to fall in love with your business every single day.

Luxury Marketing

Attract high-end clients who can afford your luxury services and come back over and over again by leveraging proven social media strategies.

Sales & Bookings

Learn how to get fully booked out for months with our proven PMU sales process that has generated over 44,000 appointments worldwide.


Receive all "the tech stuff" to automate your marketing, run your business in your sleep and grow past the current ceiling of your business.

What else is included with my membership?
Get everything you need to book more clients, make more money and grow your PMU business.
Exclusive Membership
Receive exclusive access to the #1 PMU community group and private membership area with a members-only network.
Weekly PMU Success Calls
Join weekly mentorship calls with PMU success coaches, community group sessions and invite-only exclusive trainings.
Learn new topics beyond branding, marketing and sales to help you level up your business faster by top industry leaders.
Unlimited Hands-On Business Support
Receive all the 1:1 guidance you need from your dedicated PMU Success Coach, Ads Manager and Client Advising Team.
Let's Talk Bonuses!
Gain access to EXCLUSIVE tools and resources
to skyrocket YOUR SUCCESS - FREE!
  • Exclusive Members-Only Content Library (all past recordings of calls & masterclasses)
  • ​In-House Graphic & Video Designer (we can assist with all of your content creation)
  • ​Done-For-You Marketing & Ads Setup (our team will build everything for you in 24 hrs)
  • How To Make An Extra $500/Day On Instagram (our money scripts & secret formula)
  • Social Media Growth Strategies (guidelines, post ideas, daily templates and more)
  • Highstoke Certification & Beauty Boss Award (your official business graduation)

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of businesses can benefit from The Highstoke Society?
We've designed this course specifically for PMU artists, beauty pros and salon owners who are hands-on with their business and want to see more new clients walk through the door every day. If you are motivated, ambitious and ready for your business to take off - this course is for you. 
Who is this program for? 
Highstoke Society is a great fit if...

- You're struggling with building your clientele or just starting out
- You've seen some success, but now business is slow and hitting a ceiling
- You know you aren't fully charging what your services are worth
- You're posting on social media and feel like NOBODY is responding 
- You crave more time in-studio with clients vs. chasing clients, no-shows, posting on Instagram with little engagement
- You're ready to scale, hire your dream team, grow your salon, get your time back!
What are the results I may see in my business?
We'll give you all of the tools and resources to build your personal brand, book more appointments, get more paying clients and make more money so you can stop wasting time and energy on tactics that don't bring any results, chasing referrals and no-shows, or spending time trying to figure out how to beat the algorithm.
What will I learn in this program and community?
We've packaged the methods that we've used to help over 1,000 PMU artists grow to hit their financial goals, open additional location, hire a dream team, and even launch courses, products and additional services. This program includes how to set up and manage social media ads, how to market and sell your services, how to book appointments and collect deposits, what to say over the phone and how to use DMs to make more $$
What is everything that I am getting in this program?
You'll gain access to our members-only area which gives you exclusive resources, trainings and tools for each of 4 Pillars of PMU Success - Personal Branding, Marketing, Sales & Bookings and Systems. You'll be part of our private community group where you can connect with your peers, coaches, industry leaders and our entire team. Additionally, you'll have a dedicated PMU success coach for 1:1 access, an ads/tech coach along having weekly accountability & coaching calls with our entire community. This includes Monthly Glow Up With The Pros Masterclass series with industry leaders.

But we thought... how can we make this even better? Our team will build all of your marketing & ads so you'll have a proven framework and strategy with any daily support to get new clients. You'll also get access to a variety of different bonuses such as social media growth strategies, Instagram templates, strategies to make easy money through your DMs and so much more!

Oh.. and did we mention you get VIP Backstage Access (a $2,997 value) to our Highstoke Conference in 2023?!
How much time is required?
As this is a "hands-on" and "done-with-you" process, we recommend being able to allocate a couple of hours per week to work on your business. This is to regularly speak with your dedicated success coach, attend the weekly calls and trainings along with implementing everything we're telling you to do.

If you are not able to spend just a couple of hours to work on building your business, unfortunately this would not be the best fit. We're firm believers in doing what it takes to succeed with your business - this includes re-prioritizing what you need to in order to ample time to grow and scale the right way.
I've done marketing before... What makes this program any different?
For one, we don't just do marketing (that is just ONE of the FOUR pillars of success). We also guide and coach you on all things personal branding, how to book more appointments (sales) and building systems (so your business can run on it's own). We also go beyond and touch on topics such as hiring a team, delegating, launching and promoting trainings, and making you the #1 artist in your city.

You're also connected with an elite community with motivated PMU artists, industry leaders and a global team of 35+ (with proven and never been seen before strategies) who have done this for over 1,000 artists and generated over $22 million for clients worldwide.
What does the "done-for-you" ads setup entail?
Simply put, our team will come in and build all of the ads, taking all the guesswork out for you. With our proven strategies and formulas, we are creating ads that are proven to convert at the cheapest cost. Think of it as us handing everything over to you on a silver platter and we coach & guide you on how to manage it on a regular basis. You can book as many calls as needed with our ads manager any time you get stuck on the tech side of things. We also have weekly group calls dedicated specifically to ads, optimization and all the nitty gritty tech stuff!
What does the "in-house graphic & video designer" mean?
We literally have an in-house designer for all of your content needs. Every time you need a new creative to use for ads and social media, submit UNLIMITED requests to our team to produce it for you. Imagine that you have a full-time designer on your team that is included as part of your package!
What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?
You will have all the support in the world for every aspect of your business. On top of having a private community group to connect with your peers and coaches, you'll have multiple calls every single week to hop on, ask questions and learn something new every time. Additionally, you have 1:1 access with your dedicated success coach and we will always get back to you within 24 business hours (typically much quicker).
Is there a community with The Highstoke Society?
Heck yes you do! We pride ourselves on having the #1 community in the PMU industry where we all want to support and see each other win. Inside our private group is where you can connect with everyone in the society, all your coaches, industry leaders, subject matter experts and the entire Highstoke team!

Best part of all, we have a member's only affiliate network where you can get exclusive deals, discounts and access available to only our community!
Is there a guarantee?
We guarantee that if you are fully committed to putting in the work every single day, attending all the calls, taking advantage of our support and sticking to our strategies, you'll be able to fill up your books within the first couple of weeks. At the end of the day, this program is a two-way street, which requires you to show up and allocate a few hours of your week to get results. We're making it at easy as possible for you to start growing your business with our proven strategies from Day 1.
I'm ready! What does it look like once I move forward?
Once you enroll (either the 3 month or 6 month plan), you'll be prompted to do a few simple steps via email.

1) You'll get an onboarding form so we can collect all of the details regarding your business

2) You'll book your official Kickoff Call with your dedicated success coach (super exciting)! Keep in mind, your "Day 1" officially starts exactly 1 week AFTER your call, so don't stress about the clock ticking right away.

3) You'll receive your login details to our course area along with an invite to our private community group

4) You'll get sent a super simple agreement which finalizes your OFFICIAL MEMBERSHIP in The Highstoke Society!

5) We send you a Highstoke swag bag so you can rock some new community merch!

6) You start absorbing the content, attending the calls and working with your dedicated success coach (and our team) to start getting results immediately!
Invest in yourself and your business. See how far you can go!
Join the elite group of PMU artists that's focused on growth, abundance & living the high life.
We show you how to do everything, so you can sit back, learn and start implementing these tactics in your business - today! 
• 4 Pillars oF PMU SUCCESS (Value $1,997) 
• Exclusive Membership (Value $1,997)
• Weekly PMU Success Calls (Value $1,997)
• Glow Up With pros CLASSES (Value $1,997)
• Unlimited Hands-on Support (Value $2,997)
• In-house designer services (VALUE $1,997)
• $500/DAY INSTAGRAM FORMULA (Value $997)
• Highstoke Certification, BOSS AWARDS &           EXCLUSIVE EVENT INVITES (VALUE, $2,997)
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